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Step by Step Guide on How to Build a Profitable Online Business
You will agree with me that the internet is one of the best places to make the easiest money only if you know how to go about it.
Reasons being that it costs you little to nothing when compared to the cost of starting a business offline.
Because of how lucrative online business is, people are rushing into the game, both small and large scale businesses are beginning to adopt the practices of selling online.
In starting an online Business, there are certain rules or better still, there are basic procedures in building an internet business that makes 6-7 figures every month.
The experts in this game are currently using this method on internet business to crush millions every month here in Nigeria.
The problem with even getting started in the first place is that most people (IF NOT YOU) will think this is hard because of the processes involved.
Well, that’s very true if you are LAZY and want to remain a broke ass dude.
What I’m I trying to point out?
The process is simple and anyone including a JSS1 boy/girl can learn it.
 If you are reading this article and you have zero knowledge on how to start an online business, don’t worry, you’re covered as we will dig very deep into it with the step by step process on how to go about it.
I came into this journey of online business in 2001 and so far, I have recorded huge success to it. I have no office then and I don’t pay any tax to make my money. So, you don’t have to worry about the high cost of starting a business.
In a summary of what you need to start a Successful business online in Nigeria;
You need
1.            Good internet connection
2.            Have a product to sell
3.            A website, e-commerce platform or facebook.
4.            Working e-mail and phone.
5.            Quality time for your online business – Taking care of your customers
Let me break it down as accordingly.
1.            Coming from the first point, It an internet business in Nigeria, so, you definitely need steady and commendable signal to keep you on top your game.

2.            Have a product to sell:
To explain this, we will use your mobile phone as an example. So,
If you go on your Facebook timeline and advertise your phone for sale. If someone buys it from your list of friend, congratulations, you just made money from the internet.
The explanation is that simple
The SIMPLEST thing to sell online is Information and digital products. So what the heck is digital product?
It’s very simple.
Digital Products is ANYTHING that you need to download from the internet or use on the internet. For example….
Those MP3s you download online are digital products.
The videos on YouTube or anywhere else on the internet
It becomes an “Information digital product” when you put helpful information inside it and start selling it to make money.
For instance,
Dbanj’s mp3 is NOT an information digital product.
But when Dbanj makes a video on “how to make egusi soup” or “how to make koko www.CreateBuildSell.com garri” and starts selling it on the internet, then he is selling Digital Information Product.
3.            You Need A website:
You cannot run a successful internet business in Nigeria or in any other country without having a website to go with. On that, you will need to choose the best website package that best serves the business online you’re venturing into. Or learn how to register and upload your products or services on e-commerce like Jiji or Konga
5.            Quality Time For Your Online Business:
This is where many people get it all wrong with their internet business. Making it a part-time job. If you’re planning to make this a part-time business, then I’m sorry to say; ‘YOU MIGHT NOT GET THE BEST”
Reasons being that every solid business online has a dedicated person managing it.
You will need to give your online Business quality time just like offline business. Let’s me not go deep again to avoid getting you bored.
Having Known All These,
Let’s take A look at the Insider Tips on Start A Profitable Internet Business In Nigeria
The Step By Step Process To Follow
1.            Pick A Niche
Now this is the most important step in starting online business in Nigeria, and for this, just to make everything easy for you,
Below is a glimpse of the list of.
30 Hot Selling Product List in Online Business In Nigeria
1.            Flawless Skin Whitening
2.            Get Uninterrupted 24/7 Electricity
3.            Grow and Groom Your Beards
4.            Get Attention of Any Woman and Get Her Number
5.            Make Any Woman Laugh & Get Her Interested in You
6.            Save Your Marriage from Collapse
7.            Get Rid of Dark Knuckles & Knees
8.            Cut Down Your Power Bill
9.            Get Six Pack Abs and Build Up Muscles
10.          Loose Weight and Get Flat Tummy
11.          Get Bigger Butt
12.          Get Attention of Any Woman on Social Media and Make Her Fall in Love with You
13.          Naturally Cure Fibroid
14.          Cure/Get Rid/Prevent Bad Breadth (Mouth Odor)
15.          How to Whiten Your Teeth to Look Flawless
16.          Prevent Body Odor
17.          Turn Your Home into a Secured Fortress That’s Impenetrable
18.          Self Defense/Evasion Tactics that Will Protect You from Any Situation (even Kidnapping)
19.          Quit Alcohol Addiction
20.          Naturally Cure Stretch Marks
21.          Make Penis Bigger
22.          Tighter Virgin-Like Vagina
23.          Stop Heartburn Forever
24.          Permanently Cure Arthritis
25.          Learning Course for Your Children to Make Them Smarter than Their Schoolmates
26.          Make Any Man Sexually Obsessed with You
27.          How to Get A Loan from Any Bank in Nigeria Easily
28.          Get An Interest Free Loan
29.          Get A Loan without Collateral
30.          Build Your Own Beautiful House with a Mere Civil Servant Salary
The hot-selling product list about will go a long way to determine whether you will make money or NOT. Although that’s not all, the list above goes a long way to helping you come up with a profitable product for your successful internet business.
Some products sell hotter than some.
For instance, very few people will read a book about “how to train a dog”….even if they like dogs But guess how many guys will buy a book on “how to land a hot sexy girl in bed”
A lot, right? Why? The reason is simple.
Product that strikes people’s emotion sells like hot cake.
These are called “emotional products”
From the list of niches up there, you can find something cool to hold onto, meanwhile, the list of niches mentioned above doesn’t mean you must sell just from this niche. If the niche you want to go into now is not amongst the list, do not despair, Go with what you have. The most important is to know how to place your advert on the social network (this is where the training we had come in, just master how to place your advert on facebook) or e-commerce platform
Hope this article we help ...wish you all the best...For any enquaries, you can reach me on 08037164934

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